Sendmail is the bedrock of e-mail on the internet.

Sendmail is a mail transport agent (MTA) and has been the hub of internal and external e-mail systems around the world since 1982.

Sendmail has been installed as the default MTA on every LinUX / UNIX installation on which I have worked. Every company, institution and project I have worked with uses Sendmail somewhere in their system whether they know it or not.

Sendmail is infinitely configurable. The huge number of options can be very scary, but it is good to remember that it runs unmodified in millions of systems around the world.

That very success can lead to problems and create misunderstandings. As Sendmail has been installed unthinkingly from the earliest, most optimistic days of the internet some of those installations have fallen prey to attacks developed in a more cynical age.

If Sendmail is kept up to date and properly configured it can be secure, scalable and reliable.

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