Working out of McLean, Virginia I was the lead Systems Administrator building a data centre for a planned pan African ISP in Cairo, Egypt. The project included building the help desk suite and putting ultra thin SunRay clients on the the desktop.

With video and voice over IP pods were also configured for installation on government ministers desks and in the major universities.

In 1999 WS Atkins one of Britains premier engineering groups were porting their databases from VAX VMS to Solaris.

The migration was carried out in conjunction with preparations for year 2k. As the pressure mounted I led a team of 4 UNIX experts providing 24 hour support for the development, testing and production environments.

Alcatel in Antwerp were hit hard when they lost their HP Systems Administrator to a heart attack.

Employing my generic UNIX and TCP/IP skills I was able to step into the breach at 24 hour notice to manage the systems and implement additional scripted security controls which allowed WIPRO developers in India to work on the project over the internet.

Tokyo Mitsubishi International or TMI is the trading arm of what was the worlds largest bank.

Initially recuited to rationalise the administration of the Solaris environment and to integrate SunOS, Solaris and the Windows NT servers with the MS windows desktop I later moved to the networking team to build security into the international e-mail system, the extra-net and links to data feeds like Reuters and Bloomberg.

Working in Education publishing, QIIS hit the jackpot in 2000 when they won a contract with 'ntl' to build a community intra net portal. QIIS had no experience of working with UNIX but ntl wanted the product developed for a Solaris environment.

I built the development and test environments, interfaced with 'ntl' as the technical (systems) consultant, designed the new systems architecture for the QIIS/QPC premises and secured QIIS' internet access.

In 1993 the School of Computing and Mathematics at North London University had migrated from SunOS to Solaris. The migration had not been successful and the academic staff were boycotting the system for teaching purposes.

I was recruited to re-architect the system and prepare the school for internet access.