Cut your IT costs now without compromising on quality.

7 September 2010

Do you run LinUX or UNIX on your servers? Do you need a full-time systems administrator? If the answer to the first question is "Yes" then the answer to the second is likely to be "No" for all but the largest corporations.

Such is the stability and security of LinUX when well managed, that you really don't need a full time systems admin but you do need someone who knows what they're doing and understands your system when you want to expand, upgrade or make changes.

I have worked with major players in engineering, telecoms, banking, education, and the public sector on 3 continents. I understand high pressure environments and public service, I can build and maintain rock solid computing platforms which allow you to get on with developing your business, expanding your operations, and providing services without worrying when your computer systems are going to let you down.

The days when you needed a highly paid UNIX gurhu in your office are gone. By providing secure remote administration to a very restricted number number of companies I can provide you with systems administration and support for less than ?10,000 per year.

Give me a call and lets discuss how you can reduce your costs with LinUX/UNIX open source and the daemon administrator.